Growth Market Decentralized
Securities Exchange (GMDEX)

Growth Markets Organisation (“GMO”) is building a blockchain-based decentralized securities exchange (“GMDEX”). It will create asset backed tokens for any vetted company wanting to tokenize their assets or enter the cryptocurrency business model to list on the GMDEX exchange.

GMDEX will help launch new businesses by creating their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Cryptocurrency Investment Tokens (“CIT”), listing them on the exchange and provide access to our base of investors, founding investors in GMO. GMDEX will also offer ETFs, REFs, CTF, CMFs, CFDs, derivatives, futures and anything else you would normally find on a securities exchange or Over The Counter (OTC) but in a decentralized manner and all backed by smart contracts.

Through the effective use of smart contracts, order and issuing fees can be reduced to a fraction of traditional costs. This will make investing in GMDEX more financially inclusive across all income classes. Artificial geographical trading restrictions can thus be eliminated. Counterparty risk can be reduced to mere minutes.

GMDEX will be part of the larger GMO which will also be an investment bank with branches in different tax effective jurisdictions. By having a bank incorporated into the system, we eliminate many costs involved with fiat currency transfers while offering clients a choice of location for their transactions to occur and settle.

Growth Markets Organisation (GMO):

GMDEX will be run by the Growth Markets Organisation (GMO) who in part will own the GMDEX, the GMO investment bank and eventually other financial businesses. Initial investors, in the GMOT (Growth Markets Organisation Token) private token sale, will share in the profits of the GMO global business. GMOT token holders will receive discount tokens to purchase tokens in different vetted CIT’s and a discount / token increase of at least 10%. The amount of discount tokens received will be in line with the amount of Founders GMOT’s held.

GMO is essentially an actively managed global Venture Capital fund dedicated to supporting companies intending to create a CIT (Initial Coin Offering). Given a pool of capital is established, GMO will participate in pre-CIT seed capital raisings. For companies listed on an official securities exchange GMO can underwrite a listing, rights issue or placement and thus provide a global duel-listed venue, thus exposing companies to the world of investors not just those of the country of listing.

Market analysis

The global securities market is composed of three major instrument types: equities, debt, and derivatives. In 2016, these three markets had total notional values of US $67 trillion, $99 trillion, and $1.2 quadrillion, respectively. GMDEX are certain that they can get a significant part of this existing market and most of the yet to be created market for asset backed tokens, i.e. Ethical Coins™.

How will GMDEX work?

GMDEX introduces the first platform where users can seamlessly invest in CIT’s, securities, real estate funds (REFs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), passive coin-traded funds (CTF) and active coin managed funds (CMFs) through a streamlined process and with significantly lower costs than traditional investing. Currently, the crypto-economy is extremely volatile because of the lack of the tokes representing liquid, fungible assets, thus Ethical Tokens. Investors can make 10x gains in one month only to lose it all the next month. Thus far, there have only been a limited number of ways to diversify crypto-portfolios to mitigate these risks. Real diversification across multiple asset classes is essential for a well-balanced portfolio.

GMDEX will have the GMDEXT token for investors and investors in the GMDEXT token will share in the GMDEX profits. The GMDEX tokens will be available in a later (target is July 1st, 2018) CIT. Everything on the GMDEX platform also has its own asset-backed token (“GEMDEX-“) with its own unique name (like a BHP share would be a GMDEX-BHP and would show up in the Owner’s portfolio/wallet as BHP) which, via our token exchange platform, can be traded simpler, faster and cheaper than on conventional securities markets.

To ensure the safety of the underlying assets represented by the GMDEX token, a digital trust fund holds the exact amount of shares as tokens issued. This digital trust fund cannot be claimed by GMDEX, the broker or anyone else, and is protected by strict laws regarding trust funds, even in the case of bankruptcy. Only token holders may reclaim the underlying securities at any time, thus arbitrage will keep the value of the tokens in line with the underlying security.

Our asset-backed GMDEX tokens empower investors to hedge the risk of cryptocurrencies in real assets without needing to convert their cryptocurrency into a fiat currency. All dividends and coupons are automatically transferred to token-holders through self-executing smart contracts on the GMDEX T-Chain network “blockchain 3.0”. The content of the smart contract and the GMDEX token itself is unalterable, cryptographically secured and visible to everyone on the blockchain if desired.

Components of GMDEX:

  • Established on a forked version (our own copy) of the Ethereum blockchain to start off with and eventually be moved to the GlobeTrotter T-Chain;
  • The T-Chain will be the fastest “blockchain” with no miners and no fees;
  • It will have five separate programmable tokens to start:
  • GTC which is the stable coin used for all transactions on GMDEX, GMOT which is the GMO investment token, GMDEXT which is the GMDEX investment token, GMDEX- which is the asset backed token, with the security code as an extension, e.g. GMDEX-Apple, GMGT which is a gift token for reward programs and discounts;
  • It will have an internal and external wallet with automatic coin recognition
  • The wallet will be able to have other sub-wallets in it;
  • It will use the GlobeTrotter proprietary “Smarter Contract System” for its tokens;
  • It will offer securities, bonds, futures, options, securities and any other assets desired. And will be a Frankfurt SX style venue where security holders can list their investments;
  • It will offer vetted cryptocurrency projects as investments;
  • It will use the GMO bank for all FIAT transactions; and
  • It will have its own ID system.

The GMDEX programmable token family:

  • GTC: Also called the “Globie” is the first truly stable, liquid cryptocurrency coin. It has a fixed price in every FIAT currency in the World and the Globie also has a “Smarter Contract System” imbedded. It is exactly like using cash without all the downsides and expenses. This coin is 100% backed by the holders FIAT currency, held in special accounts in the GMO bank and governed by self executing smart contracts. This token can also be used as a FOREX coin eliminating broker and bank transfer fees, a massive saving compared to purchasing on traditional Foreign Currency Exchanges or using credit card and banks for currency conversion.
  • GMOT & GMDEXT: The GMOT token represents the GMO Company as a whole. The GMDEXT token represents the GMDEX exchange as a whole. These tokens will come with monthly profit sharing, privileges, benefits and voting rights. These tokens will give many privileges to the holders including voting rights.
  • GMDEX-: This is the programmable asset backed token and it will represent ANY asset acquired and have any conditions attached to it through the imbedded “Smarter Contract System”. If the buyer purchases a BHP backed GMDEX-BHP token, it will show as BHP in their wallet.
  • GMGT: This token is a cryptocurrency gift coin with the “Smarter Contract System” also imbedded into it, designed and created as a gift coin for promotional, discount and reward programs offered by GMDEX. It will include any conditions wanted like whom, for how many, when, where and what they can be used for. When purchasing available CIT tokens on GMDEX, the GMGT tokens will be tradeable for part of the purchase. Every CIT will be different and individually run and the amount of gift coins accepted for the purchase will be determined by the CIT issuer (minimum 10% for GMO seed funding investors).

GMDEX wallets:

The GMDEX external and internal wallets (which are free of charge) are extremely secure and will hold all of the coins discussed in this paper. The wallets will have automatic coin recognition to separate and identify every different currency backed GTC coin, the GTG gift coins and every asset backed GMDEX- token automatically without any programming. The wallets contain the “Smarter Contract System” to program the different tokens. The wallets will also come with a PIN number security measure.

The T-Chain “blockchain”:

Will be the fastest and most secure decentralized “blockchain” anywhere. Limitless transaction rates with no fees. It is equivalent to blockchain 3.0 and will be a DAG (Directed Acylic Graph) chain.

The “Smarter Contract System”:

All the GTC, GMO T, GMDEXT, GMDEX- and the GMGT tokens will have the “Smarter Contract System” imbedded into them to let users define their conditions when sending and receiving them. Unlike other smart contracts, the “Smarter Contracts” are part of the coin and not a separate entity on the blockchain. Why “Smarter Contract”? Because it is extremely simple to create a contract, compared to traditional smart contracts. To define what the conditions that need to be fulfilled are for the tokens, the user will just need to check off the desired choices from a list. It will be an extremely user-friendly system.

CIT investing:

GMDEX will vet potential CIT offerings by companies raising seed capital and only select the few that are deemed to have excellent potential. GMDEX will supply them with their tokens embedded with the “Smarter Contract System”. By researching the projects and only accepting the best, the accepted CITs will gain instant credibility as soon as they are listed. Initial investors in the private CIT fund raising will receive a minimum 10% discount, 10% added on every CIT they participate in on the GMDEX. (Limited to the number of GMGT tokens available to them).

Possible other uses for GEMDEX

Well known people will be able to create and issue their own tokens through GMDEX. This will be a great speculative market by creating collectable tokens. For example artists, celebrities, poker players, sports teams, inventors, etc.

GMDEX operations:

GMDEX will operate similarly to recognised securities exchanges anywhere in the world. The major differences are that GMDEX will be decentralized in that it will be extremely more secure and that there are no requirements for “middle-men” like securities brokers, a Central Securities Depository, the clearing house and custodians as in today’s traditional securities exchanges; thus, a major saving (friction) on transactions, making transactions much quicker, safer and almost instantaneous in most cases. Another big difference with traditional exchanges is that everybody will actually be in possession of their securities, assets, futures, derivatives, bonds, options and ETF’s in a form of tokens in their wallet. Dividends, bonuses and other security capital changes will alter the value of your different GMDEX- token’s value; you don’t waste time on receiving dividends as they are automatically invested and accumulated over the life of your holding (by smart contract on the blockchain). GMDEX has partnered with some of the finest service providers to the global securities exchange and securities broking industry. Front-end data services include all the services you expect from a trading platform exist today and are being tailored to GEMDEX requirements. But there’s more! When placing a buy / sell transaction you have 2 more decisions to contemplate should you wish:



Which jurisdiction do I want the transaction to occur?

The default is the British Virgin Isles (BVI), however as a result of preliminary inquiries from investors, GMDEX is making application for accounts in the following jurisdictions:

  • Asia / Ocean Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Vanuatu, India (Mumbai / Bombay), Sri Lanka:
  • Europe –Malta, Gibraltar, Zug (Switzerland), Jersey or Isle of Man (UK).



How do I want to pay / receive funds?

On opening or adding funds to your GMDEX account, a quotation of fees and commissions will be displayed of the cost to you in settling the transfer by a bank transfer or mobile remittance. The smartest way t is to open a GMO bank account, pay only once for the initial transfer from your bank and then profit from the free transfer in and out of the GMDEX via your Globie For receiving funds, you can choose from a bank transfer to your bank (which will incur fees) or transfer into your GMO or Globie bank account which would be free.

Trading process for GMDEX tokenized securities:

On opening or adding funds to your GMDEX account, a quotation of fees and commissions will be displayed of the cost to you in settling the transfer by a bank transfer or mobile remittance. The smartest way t is to open a GMO bank account, pay only once for the initial transfer from your bank and then profit from the free transfer in and out of the GMDEX via your Globie For receiving funds, you can choose from a bank transfer to your bank (which will incur fees) or transfer into your GMO or Globie bank account which would be free.

Trading on GMDEX will be like other exchanges by using the price discovery “bid-ask” process.


The GMO Investment Bank:

The GMO bank will be owned and operated in the BVI by the GMO company.


GMDEX will have some of the best security measures available:

It goes without saying that the security is a big factor when dealing with large amounts of currency. Security in the system will be a huge priority and every component in the GMDEX Ecosystem will be as secure as possible. All the components within the Globetrotter T-Chain will be extremely secure.

Some key security points

  • Every wallet will need a PIN number that is required and it will be embedded into each coin in the wallet.
  • Every wallet will have an emergency PIN number in case of seizure or theft that will “send” the coins elsewhere making them inaccessible to anyone else.
  • Every Globie coin will have a PIN number. When you send tokens, you will be asked for your PIN number to unlock them and complete the transfer. Once in the new wallet, they will be incorporated with the new owner's PIN number automatically.
  • If you happen to be hacked and they get some of your Globies, they will be locked and unusable without your PIN number. Also, when you contact us, we will add those stolen tokens to a black list guaranteeing that they are useless to the hacker forever, thus making our tokens very unattractive to hackers.
  • We will replace any stolen tokens. Any tokens that are on the T- Chain that still have the original, unused PIN number can be replaced. If they still have the PIN number, it is because they were not sent from the wallet but rather taken from the wallet.

  • We will offer people a secure safety deposit box on our T-Chain to keep their private keys. This way they can always recover their private keys when needed wherever they may be.
  • The Smarter Contracts System will be the most advanced and simple to use way to implement smart contracts into every transaction eliminating most problems and adding security to every transaction made with our tokens.
  • There will be a “Private” option in the Smarter Contracts to make a transaction completely anonymous and only visible to the concerned parties if wanted.
  • Once you hit "send" for your transaction, you will see a copy of the smart contract and where it is going just to double check everything and then you will need to authorize it.
  • The GMDEX external wallets will have the usual high security usually associated with cryptocurrency wallets.
  • GMDEX will have special measures installed, that do not exist anywhere else, to illuminate pump & dump schemes.
  • GMDEX will have their own secure ID system to protect its customers.

GMO token


Board Members will be put forward by significant GMO Founding Investors, bearing in mind creating a matrix of skills and experience.


FOR THE MARKETPLACE (20% for Private ICO and 66% for public ICO)


for promotions


for founders


for team


for blockchain node rewards

GMO token


Investors will receive the same value of GMGT gift tokens as they invested in GMOT tokens. The GMGT tokens will be exchangeable when purchasing other CIT tokens launched on the GMDEX platform.

GMDEX immediate

CIT raisings:

• GMO will complete a secondary full OTC on GEMDEX’s launch, hopefully July 1st;

• GEMDEX will list on itself similar to a number of the world’s major stock exchanges. GMO will initially own 100% of GMDEX and sell down 49% the profit stream over time

• GlobeTrotter the owner of the Globie and the TChain;

• 3 Companies that combine to operate GEMDEX; and

• Over 12 exciting digital companies that should leverage from the GMO and GEMDEX relationship.

The Team

GMO Board of Directors

Board Members will be put forward by significant GMO Founding
Investors, bearing in mind creating a matrix of skills and experience.

Richard Symon

Founder and Executive Chair

Richard founded Online Broker Ltd which became Charles Schwab (Australia) via Ecorp, the listed Packer internet company in 2000. Ecorp owned 50% of Schwab, Microsoft (Nine MSN), Ebay in Australia and 100% of a Mortgage Broker (Wizard), Car and Real Estate online assets.
Variously he was one of 4 Executive Directors of Prudential – Bache Securities (Australia) reporting to New York, Exec Director Charles Schwab Australia reporting to San Francisco, Founding Executive Director of the Securities and Financial Advisors Association (SAFA), CEO National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).

Richard owned or was a director / shareholder in a number of online companies. Currently he is Founding Exec Director of Fiscus Capital, a corporate advisory company 50% owned by Nexia Corporate Melbourne, Australia. Also Chair or Director of listed companies Fiscus listed on ASX.

Aged 61, Richard founded the Financial Services Foundation and is or has been Chair, Deputy Chair or Director of Variety the Children’s Charity in Victoria, Australia and Asia/Pac.


Leigh Warren

Leigh has spent more than 30 years in the technology sector in various industries and worked across Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific regions.

He has operational leadership experience at several multinational technology firms including Unisys, HP Systems, ABB and Oracle. At ABB and Oracle he held executive leadership positions including Managing Director for Oracle in ANZ and regional President for ABB software in EMEA. More recently, he was Vice President Asia Pacific at Blue Coat Systems, which was acquired by Bain Capital and ultimately bought by Symantec.

Leigh is also an experienced consultant and is the current CEO and partner of Warrecon Consulting. He has undertaken executive consultancy and interim roles with blue chip technology organizations including Chief Operating Officer for SAP in North Asia.

He is a partner and director at Solution Access, a Hong Kong advisory and investment group for early stage software companies entering the Asia Pacific market with several successful exits to date, and an advisor to Caldera Pacific Ventures, a Private Equity group also located in Hong Kong and Fiscus Strategic, a strategy consulting group part of Fiscus Capital.

Leigh also serves on the board as a non-executive director at ASX listed companies Gentrack and Objective Corporation. He has been a director at Gentrack since 2008 during which time the company has undergone a successful MBO from private equity ownership and subsequent NZX/ASX listing. He chairs the board audit committee at Objective.

Leigh is an experienced consultant, investor and executive with strong board level governance expertise.

Ron Hughes

Ron is a Co-Founder of the Globetrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem (includes the Globie coin). He has had a long and successful career in the Computer industry, Consulting and the Internet industry. He has a deep understanding of the technology industry and has been following the cryptocurrency marketplace for several years. His history and experience with emerging technologies and consulting with businesses both large and small gives him a unique insight into the rapidly developing applications for cryptocurrency.

Most of Ron’s business and project experience has been focused on the financial and travel markets. He has been involved in projects such as:

  • A holiday travel system and a reservation system.
  • Consulting with the Commonwealth Bank in Australia, including a successful proposal to outsource their entire IT operation.
  • Designed and developed a system for support of financial advisors which was used by many Australian financial companies.
  • The New Zealand telephone company – re-designed their entire IT application development division.
  • National Stock Exchange (NSX) in Australia development of a new vertical market trading system.
  • Ron was a director of sales and marketing for Accenture and Paxus the two largest (at the time) consulting firms in Asia Pacific, and CEO of two internet companies

Alan Shields

Creator of the only truly stable cryptocurrency, the Globie coin, and co-founder of GlobeTrotter Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. Alan is a futurist and a serial entrepreneur who is interested in disruptive technologies and is a top-notch innovator. Calling him a brilliant and creative would be an understatement.

He has built websites and mobile apps and has now moved on to cryptocurrency and blockchain where he is extremely knowledgeable and coming up with new ideas every week.

He is one of those guys where everything needs to be just and fair for everybody. It is very important to him that in any of his endeavors, inventions or dealings, everybody wins and that there is no negative impact anywhere that matters, like people and the environment. He is a born leader and can handle any situation calmly and logically. He strongly believes that there is a solution to every problem and normally finds it. He has had successful businesses and has helped create new innovative ones like “Rims to Go” in Miami Florida where people could, for the first time ever, rent wheels and tires. It was eventually copied and bought out.

Innovating and staying a few steps ahead of the competition is his specialty and everyday he works tirelessly to build a better future for his family and the World every day.

Peter Van

Peter has over 20 years’ experience in designing, building and supporting business concepts in the finance, property and technological sectors. He has taken various products from an idea, through to concept development and into the marketplace.

Experience within the investment banking sector has given him the ability to view business and financial modelling from an advanced perspective and this has helped to implement new funding strategies as well as to re-engineer funding models to deliver better project outcomes.

Peter has worked in senior management positions, his main contribution being to create a productive and innovative culture as his professional skill set stands-out in trend analysis and trading, capital raisings and financial markets.

Peter’s passion is to leverage his skills to create sustainable, economic models which support sustainable social development projects.

Vito Interlandi

Vito has over 20 years of finance expertise and management experience which he has gained from both corporate public practice and private practice.

Vito has used his experience in financial control and CFO functions in corporate and private practice to develop appropriate strategies and actions for clients, ensuring that their businesses perform efficiently and effectively to produce the highest quality products and services.

In addition, Vito is a Board member and advisor to a number of companies across a range of industries, including Variety Victoria - The Children’s Charity, for which he was Chair (Chief Barker) from November 2012 to November 2014. He was also on the Board of Variety Australia. Vito has also worked with the establishment of unlisted companies, ranging from IT to consulting, and assistance with raising capital and their ultimate listing on the ASX.

Dave Greenwood

Dave has more than three decades experience leading and/or advising large technology and telecommunications projects across markets that include UK, US, India and Australia. Currently Dave is working on the 878TEN project. 878TEN has license to the world’s only Universal Digital Identifiers (UDI’s) issued by the United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The 878TEN number range comprises 10 billion UDI’s, each able to work simultaneously between Internet, telephony and blockchain worlds, enabling a securely connected global ecosystem of digital elements consisting of people, entities or things.

A single UDI can be used simultaneously as a globally unrestricted phone number (fixed or mobile), internet domain name, online email address and a digital identifier which can be used to enable safe harbour data practices between transacting digital elements (people, entities, websites or things, etc). 878TEN will offer all GMO investors and GMDEX traders a unique UDI to facilitate secure and trusted transactions across the GMO/GMDEX digital ecosystem.

878TEN intends to launch an ICO on GMDEX in the near future.

History of GMO and GMDEX

GMO was launched March 2006 as a platform for all smaller companies in the world to be listed. Not listed as on the stock exchange, listed by industry sector, so they become easy to find by investors. This includes companies already listed on recognised stock exchanges. GMO also acted as a deal-book with many postings for capital raisings listed globally.

Imagine wanting to invest in sugar mills around the world because you are of the opinion sugar prices will rise. The founder was at the time CEO of the NSX which had a number of mills listed, so did the South Pacific Stock Exchange - SPSX (Fiji) who invested in GMO, as did many other exchanges.

GMDEX was established to be the stockbroker to all the participating exchanges, minimising the issues of having to open accounts with stockbrokers around the word participating in micro exchanges like NSX.